Should You Lose Weight When You Move To A Big City?

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Dear Drew,
I’m 17 years old, living in Southern Ontario. My big life plan is to graduate, escape my boring industrial town, and get out there to start livin’ my life in a big city like Toronto or Montreal. The problem is that I’m smaller than Beth Ditto, but definitely bigger than your average gal. I don’t think I have a weight problem to speak of, because I eat right and work out three times a week, but according to Hollywood standards I’m “plus-sized.”

This is going to sound weird, but being porky has never been a problem for me, because the town that I live in seems to have an abnormally high tolerance for fat girls. Imagine that! Guys who don’t care about size! Fat girls are just as popular and well-liked as skinny girls, we get invited to dances and asked out on dates just as much as skinny girls, and we never hear stuff like “Lose some weight, bitch!” or “What a lard ass!” You always hear on TV and stuff how disgusting fat chicks are, but I’ve dated lots of cute skinny boys and have never once heard the dreaded, “Baby, do you think you could lose a few pounds for me? It’s kinda gross.” (Although that could have something to do with the fact that if anyone said that to me, I’d kick their ass.) I don’t think it has anything to do with the rumor that fatties are better fucks than skinnies, I think people are just generally more accepting here. What the fuck is up with that?

Aside from a possible breast reduction, I have absolutely no desire to lose weight. Is this going to bite my in the ass when I move to an exciting big city? Is everybody going to hate me and think I’m disgusting? Do people really hate fat chicks as much as TV says they do? Should I stay in my chunk-lovin’ hometown?


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