Sexy Times: TV Doesn’t Teach You How To Ask For The Pill

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With so many examples of teen pregnancy in pop culture– 16 And Pregnant, Teen Mombasically any other teen drama on television — your mom should hypothetically be thrilled you're trying to avoid following their lead by asking for birth control. (Unless you're like 13, in which case, chill the eff out.)

But seriously, with all the teenagers having sex on TV — you've got Gossip Girl, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Pretty Little Liars, etc. — it seems these characters either have sex once and get pregnant or have sex all the time and don't. Birth control never seems to be an issue. I never remember Serena going “Um…mom…I think I should go on the pill. Just so, you know, in case in the future, maybe…I mean I hear it takes a while to kick in so…” No.

Personally my strategy was to complain about cramps — which were legit, but still — and make an appointment with the gyno, who immediately jumped to “I'm gonna put you on the pill.” (Those docs prescribe that shit left and right.) But facing it head on would admittedly be a more mature strategy.

Check out this vid for some tips on how to tackle the issue.

(Photo: Oprah)