Sex On The Wire: Want To Get Hit On More? Don’t Carry Around A Frappuccino

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• Why you can't get caught up with just romantic chemistry when hooking up. (YourTango)

• Discover the language of beverages, like if a frappuccino or herbal tea will make a guy more likely to approach you. (Betty Confidential)

• Watch this hilarious video mocking Paul Ryan‘s attempt to redefine “legitimate rape.” (The Frisky)

• Designer bags? Yes. Designer vaginas? HELL NO. (Gurl)

• Here's how you know if the guy you hooked up with at freshman orientation actually wants to date in college or is just looking to add notches to his tiny twin bed. (The College Crush)

• Speaking of those undefined college romances, what's the issue with relationship labels, anyway? (CollegeCandy)