Sex On The Wire: Royal Rubbers

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• Oh yes, the official Prince William and Kate Middleton commemorative wedding condoms are here. Just to remind you that royalty shouldn't really be breeding. (Trendhunter)

• Child sex rings take a giant upturn during Super Bowl week. For the love of god, why?!?! (USA Today)

Kim Kardashian unaware that posing nude for the cover of W magazine would result in nude pictures of her on the cover of W magazine. (The Frisky)

• And in today's “Stay off the Internet” news, a man claims his ex-girlfriend's dad created a fake Facebook profile in his name, claiming to be a pedophile and prostitute. Haha, whose profile says that, anyway?! (Buzzfeed)

• Teenagers have sex, even when they aren't on TV. (College Candy)

• “Why you should go to bed angry.” Good, this validates what I've been saying all along: Killing your boyfriend in your dreams is so much easier to get away with than trying to do it IRL. (Your Tango)

• Tomorrow you have a chance to ask questions to the Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger. Questions like “Why do you still have a show?” and “How did it feel when a house fell on your sister?” (TresSugar)