Sex On The Wire: Our Social Networks Are Making Us Sluttier

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• Facebook and sexting are the reason this is an entire generation of Teen Moms. (New York Post)

• Did you know that hickeys can make you temporarily paralyzed if you do it really, really wrong? (The Frisky)

• It seems a little weird that the sleazebags that made money from Paris Hilton‘s sex tape is now suing people who are downloading it illegally off the web. (TMZ)

• Yale hazing rituals now include blindfolding pledges and leading them into girls' dorms while screaming “No means yes means anal!” Oh, and something about necrophilia. Those guys. (College Candy)

• Whose penis is Playgirl willing to shell out the big bucks for? (The Gloss)

Rihanna does a photo shoot for her new song, “S&M”. You know, between this and “Love the Way You Lie,” we feel like she may no longer be the best spokesperson for women who survived abuse. (Just Jared)

• A solar-powered vibrator? But we kind of like doing it inside. (Buzzfeed)