Sex On the Wire: Kama Sutra Silly Bandz

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• Sex-themed Silly Bandz. Don't actually look much different from regular Silly Bandz. (Buzzfeed)

• There are literally fashion police in Italy, making sure your skirt isn't too short and you don't wear that fugly dress out in public. (National ledger)

• Southern teens have a bad habit of getting themselves knocked up more than their bi-coastal counterparts. Are you listening, University of Alabama? (The Frisky)

• Good news: More kids are experimenting with their sexuality than ever before. Bad news: They are less likely to use protection. (Lemondrop)

• For the best prank ever that will land you jail time, consider tattooing a 15-inch penis on your friend's back while he's unconscious. Permanent markers are for pussies. (Nerve)

• Love birth control but wish you could smear it over your entire body? You're in luck! (The Hair Pin)

• Tend to hibernate away in your relationship? Here's some advice for cultivating your friendships even while dating Mr. Perfect. (The Gloss)