Sex On The Wire: Italy Destroys Sex Forest

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• You know what they say: If Italian prostitutes hang out in trees, you have to mow down the forest. (Nerve)

• No matter what your age, there is a sexy celebrity that won’t think you’re too young/old. (Blisstree)

Shanae Hall, the wife of former NFL Falcon player Corey Hall, has a book explaining how men’s cheating ways are really our fault. (Lemondrop)

• How to be a great wing-women (as if you didn’t already know). (CollegeCandy)

• What could be better than a little boy after the dentist? Why, a girl singing about vaginas as the anesthesia wears off, of course! (Buzzfeed)

• Women: we’ll have sex with just about anything. Just like guys! (The Awl)

Kim Kardashian‘s birthday landed her a pop-up book of the Karma Sutra. Like she needs instructions. (Monsters and Critics)