Sex On The Wire: What To Do When Your Body Cockblocks You

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• So, lesbians are trendy. But it's not like you just choose to be gay. (Gurl)

• Do you have a knot in your stomach when you think about having sex, and it's not butterflies? Then you might not be ready. (CollegeCandy)

• Every woman's horror story: You're on a date at a cute guy's apartment, and you've got the runs. (The Frisky)

• What do you do if your friends just hate your guy? (The College Crush)

Miss Advised‘s sexpert Emily Morse dishes on lust at first sight and what sex advice she would give her younger self. (YourTango)

• So you've finally gotten up the nerve to do online dating, and you have a stalker? Ugh. Here's how to deal. (Betty Confidential)