Sex On The Wire: Chad Ochocinco Shows More Than Pig Skin For PETA

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Chad Ochocinco gets naked for PETA, but is still holding a leather football? Okay. (The Frisky)

• What kind of OCD trophy wife needs to stay awake during her breast implants? “No, I said a little more to the left! My left, you idiots!” (The Gloss)

Kim Kardashian‘s ad for the Keep A Child Alive foundation is downright scary. You still look good Kim, get out of that coffin! (Buzzfeed)

• Fox makes it official: “Man goes blind from having sex.” We thought it was just masturbation that did that? (Fox News)

• French commenter says being a woman in France is harder than in America: “Sex Ed is little more than a biology lesson with a side-order of PSAs about condoms and AIDS.” Wait, that's still better than America. (Jezebel)

• Wearing a bikini through the airport will make you famous. On the Internet. But we don't think this is necessarily TSA-related. (Nerve)

• All the single ladies in India…hand over your cell phones. (Lemondrop)