Sex On The Wire: All The Single, Christian Ladies

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Beyonce gets parodied by religious groups! (If you like it than you shoulda put a purity ring on it!) (Buzzfeed)

• buys OKCupid, meaning all the cool Internet dating hipsters will have to co-mingle with the normals. (Betty Confidential)

• A gift card to McDonald's actually sounds like an AWESOME present for Valentine's Day. (The Frisky)

• What do Ne-Yo, Jesus, and Robert Pattinson have in common? They're 3 of the 50 most Googleable men in the world. (College Candy)

• This is what a guy sees when he looks at Cosmopolitan. (The Gloss)

Chris Pine and Laura Vandervoort are dating, which is great because we really want to hear the name “Pandervoort” a lot more in the tabloids. (Socialite Life)

• A New York women is suing her boss for buying her a sex toy. At least he remembered her birthday! (Fox News)