All The Sex Advice You Need For Staying Away From Unavailable Guys And Texting The Available Ones

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This week's relationship advice from Gurl hits astonishingly close to home. First off, Sexy Times with Gurl instructs you on how to deal with the frustrating dilemma of liking an unavailable guy. It happens to the best of us—whether we start crushing on a guy only to learn that he's taken, or actively pursue him with the aim of taking him away from his girlfriend, you're gonna end up enamored of a guy you just can't be with. Then on Ask A Naked Guy, the latest dude gives advice on proper post-date etiquette: Calling versus texting, and why you shouldn't leave a girl hanging.

For the past six months, I've been dealing with a guy friend who cheated on his girlfriend with me — no, I'm not proud of my part in that — and then kept stringing me along. First he'd say that he wished he were single so he could date me; once he became single, suddenly he wasn't emotionally ready for another relationship. I wish I'd had Sarah Hoots‘ advice then: She firmly tells us that we can't let ourselves obsess over a guy who's leading us on, intentionally or not. But those feelings can run deep, and there's nothing wrong with taking a day or so to mope. But then put yourself out there, because there are so many other guys who aren't going to let you lure them away from their girlfriends.

And once you do find a totally available guy and have an awesome first date… Naked Ryan lays out the ideal first steps for communicating with the guy without scaring him off. I'm impressed by how he compares calling versus texting, because each has its drawbacks. This week's theme seems to be empowering women to not be let down by rejection. Because it happens to everyone, and chances are you'll reject some sweet guy down the road. Just don't completely ignore them! But also make sure that if you're waiting on a text, you know not to text him incessantly until he breaks the news to you. And then go out and find a new, sweet guy.