Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Celebrate Their First Over the Top Valentine’s Day Together

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Rob Kardashian may differ from his family in a lot of ways, but it looks like he still inherited the lavish gifts gene. Rob celebrated his first Valentine's Day with girlfriend Blac Chyna is typical Kardashian style — over the top and well documented on social media. The romantic festivities started with Blac sharing a picture of the stunning roses Rob gave her. Then she showed off her real V-Day present. A massive painting of Blac bedazzled with lyrics to their song John Legend's “The Beginning.” Even Kim Kardashian, who celebrated the holiday rolling around in dozens of roses, would be like “That's a little much.” Blac seemed to love the present, though. She gave followers an up-close look at it with an Instagram video where she gave a sweet shoutout to Rob.


Even though Rob and Blac only went public with their romance less than a month ago, they clearly have gotten serious fast. The pair started living together soon after they started dating, with Blac reportedly helping Rob get serious about his health. There were even rumors that Rob and Blac were getting ready to walk down the aisle when she showed off a massive diamond ring on a recent trip to Trinidad. Those turned out to be false, with a source telling People that “Chyna is all about attention, and that's probably why she keeps flashing the ring.” Well now that she has a sparkly painting of herself the size of a door, attention shouldn't be a problem. Ahhh, the joys of being in love.

(Photo: Instagram)