16 Warning Signs Your Significant Other is Taking You for Granted

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One of the biggest relationship killers is a having a partner who is always taking you for granted.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re being treated fairly if you’ve been with the same person for what seems like forever. For many, they fall into the same routine day after day and might not even realize that their significant other is actually being really unappreciative of all they do. It's TFW some of the things we used to do as “something special” have turned into expectations that should never have been put in place and wind up putting more stress on the relationship.

But how do you now if your relationship has fallen off into the deep end and you’re stuck putting in all this effort while getting nada in return? For a lot of us, it takes a loooong time to realize how crappy we've been treated.

Without knowing just what to look for, you could end up spending years with someone who’s taking, taking, taking and never, ever offering to give. No relationship should end up like that and nobody deserves their relationship to be one-sided in such a way.

If you want to figure out if your significant other is taking you for granted, these signs may help you get to the bottom of it.