16 Little Ways You Can Show Your Appreciation for Your S.O. Every Day

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Being in a relationship isn’t easy, contrary to what most people think. All those damn rom-coms make you grow up thinking that it’s all rainbows and sunshine the entire time. Then, you get older and inevitably question why none of your relationships have been working out the way they always seem to in movies. While there are a bunch of reasons why your relationship may not be working the way it should, one way to strengthen your relaysh no matter what is to show your appreciation more often.

This is because all relationships are work. It's not like a desk job where you can get by doing the bare minimum and still collect your paycheck every week. It's a high-intensity construction job where you're dripping with sweat by the day's end and that's how you know you've done a job well done. You can’t just claim to be someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend without putting in the work to earn that title. Although it seems totally obvious, one thing most people seem to forget is that you still have to show your significant other you care about them — especially after you've been together for a while. You need to show them how much you appreciate all they do for you and hopefully, they'll be doing the same for you. If they’re taking you for granted, that’s a whole other fish to fry.

One of the biggest reasons relationships end up failing is simply because one or both people aren’t showing their appreciation. It’s really the little things that keep a relationship together. Imagine your relationship is a giant roller coaster. Now imagine all the little screws that keep it all together. Those little suckers may be small, but their purpose is hella important. Each and every screw is a time you show your appreciation for your bae. Our relationships need this or it’ll just fall apart. We're here to help you save or strengthen your relationship with these little things you can do every day to show your appreciation.

1. Say Thank You

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If this isn’t the easiest way to show your appreciation, I don’t know what is. Honestly, why don’t more people do this? You probably have gotten used to the things you partner does to show their affection and don’t even think of it as something that needs thanks but it really is. Even if they hold the door open for you or bring you a cup of coffee in the morning, you should be saying thank you because every relationship is about give, take, thank and reciprocate.