All The Relationship Advice You Need For Getting Your Parents To Like Your Guy

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Sarah Hoots Sexy Times with Gurl parents hate boyfriend

It's nerve-wracking enough to introduce your new boyfriend to your parents… but what happens when you've poured all your energy into making the perfect meet-the-parents date and it turns into, well, Meet the Parents? Sarah Hoots from Sexy Times with Gurl is here to tackle all the different angles of this awkward situation.

On the one hand, your parents could be acting way overprotective and unfair, claiming that this guy takes you away from them or your usual activities. But that's bound to happen with any new relationship, and might simply mean that you need to spend some quality time with your family that doesn't include your new beau.

But then again, your parents know you better than almost anyone, and if they're getting a red flag from this guy, it could be a deeper problem with him. Make sure that you're not blinded by the first blush of love and that you're with someone who you don't have to apologize or make excuses for. It could simply be that both parties want what's best for you, and as the person in the middle you have to find some way to unite everyone. The fortunate thing is, they have you in common!

I was lucky that my parents loved my college boyfriend and even considered him part of the family. But I've been involved with guys where, when I talk to my mom and dad about him, they can see that I'm not being treated well. It's easy to assume your parents aren't respecting you enough and are treating you like a kid, but in reality they're respecting you so much that they'll voice their worries. In any case, communication is key.

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