All The Sex Advice You Need For Navigating A Long-Distance Relationship And Dealing With A Crush On A Gay Guy

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When I showed one of my friends a Facebook photo of a guy I thought was cute, her immediate reaction was, “Isn't he gay?” It was a fair point since (not to subscribe to stereotypes, but…) he's in theater and went to NYU. I've since determined that he's straight, but it's a situation that happens to plenty of girls—you crush on a guy, only to realize that he's not your type at all. Gurl has all the necessary advice for getting out of that awkward situation, plus insights from a naked guy on how to make long-distance relationships work. His tips will surprise you.

Sara Hoots from Sexy Times with Gurl wants ou to know that it's not your fault if you crush on, or even clearly flirt with, a guy who's not into girls. It happens more often than you think, and it's not a poor reflection on you. But you have to be sensitive when navigating that situation, since the guy might not be out to himself or others. Her advice on how to ask him out without putting pressure is some of the best she's given out this season.

Then over on Ask A Naked Guy, it's all about the LDR. Naked Evan surprises Kate and Mari with his take on faithfulness when you live physically apart from your significant other. He also educates them in the realm of “Skype sex,” which is about as awkward as it sounds. What makes this a great episode is how pragmatic he is about the issue. While they look at it from both sides, long-distance relationships are tough, and you've gotta be a realist.

So whether you're contemplating a new crush or trying to keep your love alive across state borders, this week's sex and relationship advice should help you through.