Poll: Would You Enroll In Marriage 101?

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Poll  Would You Enroll In Marriage 101  marriageAnn jpgLadies in Japan are so desperado to get married, they are signing up for a new marriage school based in Tokyo, Reuters reports.  The school is called Infini, and now boasts some 30 female students who find it difficult to find partners because of Japanese women’s growing economic clout and drifting attitudes toward marriage.

Reports Reuters:

“Before, people would find it easy to get married because families and society would connect them in some way, sometimes pushing them to get married. But nowadays, people have too many choices and cannot seem to make up their minds,” said Etsuko Satake, principal of the Infini marriage prep school.

Instructors provide critiques about students’ dress, posture and even details such as how they cross their legs or get out of a car. Men and women are taught different skills, which range from how to set a table well to how to be more emotionally expressive.

Students also simulate dates, during which their instructors grade their performance and point out what they did wrong.

Here’s our take on this Marriage 101 idea: If you want to get married, and want to take a class to help you with that, then why not? What’s unsettling is the execution: Putting yourself under all that pressure to “be perfect” on a simulated date, and allowing a marriage “professional” to rate your performance and possibly tear you to shreds in the process. Looking at it another way, an instructor’s F-minus could be your Future Husband’s A-plus; perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

Finding a good mate is tricky enough as it is; who wants to deal with that stress? Our advice: Just go out, be yourself and see who you meet. Then again, much easier said than done.

What do you think about this class: Yay, nay, or hell effing no? Leave your answers in the comments and vote on this here poll thingy.