Poll: How Do You Like To Be Asked Out?

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Poll  How Do You Like To Be Asked Out  200441377 001 133x200 jpgLast week, we found ourselves wondering aloud whether we should date a guy who only communicated with us via text message. Should we go on a date with someone who can’t take the initiative to call us on the phone?

Then a friend wisely pointed out: if we never said yes to guys who asked us out via text, would we ever go on any dates at all? We agreed to accept it on a case by case basis. But if you draw the line at text messaging, what about emails or IMs? Those are the preferred modes of communication for online daters everywhere.

While some can afford to have strict dating rules, we generally just like to meet new people and go out, so we find ourselves being more lenient. How do you feel? Take our poll below and tell us: how do you like to be asked out?

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