Poll: Does Birth Control Make You Psycho?

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Our friends over at Lemondrop posted an article today revealing the findings of a recent study that says women tend to get more aggressive and jealous when they are on some form of hormone contraceptive. That would totally back up my claim in college, which is that birth control worked only in the way that it made you so crazy, no guy would have sex with you.

But it's been a couple years, and I've tried all different methods of the pill: the type that was supposed to clear up the acne I never had, the patch, even NuvaRing. And even though it took literally years of trial and error, I finally found a form of low-estrogen birth control that keeps me relatively sane and didn't cause me to pack on the pounds the way others did.

What freaks me out about this study though, is the thought that the results may scare girls away from any sort of non-condom back-up plan. And while the rate of teens using condoms is going up (that's a good thing!), lets not forget that the pill was one of the great benefits that came from the women's lib movement in the 1960s, allowing us to take ownership of our bodies and not worry about having a baby if the condom broke or the guy just didn't bother wearing them.

But what do you think? Does the pill's cons outweigh its pros? Would you consider trying different forms if they first time doesn't work out?