The 8 Most On-Again, Off-Again, ‘Are You Dating Or Not?’ Couples In Hollywood

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Celebrity couples are so silly. Just when they finally put an end to the rumors and admit they're dating, the rumors start about them being on the rocks. Then when they break up, we start hearing that they're not over each other. So they get back together. And then it all starts up again. I called Celebrity Headquarters to ask if it will ever stop, and they informed me that much like Miley Cyrus, no it won't.

These eight couples are some of the most on-again, off-again, I'm-super-confused-again pairings. One day they're broken up, the next they're being “spotted” holding hands. I'm almost convinced that any time anyone's “spotted” doing anything without photographic evidence, it's just a result of the anonymous source forgetting to put their contacts in and mistaking a pile of fruit for a celebrity couple holding hands. There's no other explanation.

1. Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson sunglasses full pic(Photo: STS/

First these two onscreen lovebirds took forever to confirm that they were an offscreen item. Then the infamous cheating scandal of 2012 broke out and they went their separate ways, only to conveniently reunite just in time for the release of the final Twilight film. Then earlier this year they parted ways again and started being “spotted” with new people, but that still hasn't stopped the rumor mill from suggesting that they're still in contact and a reunion is brewing. What a pair.

2. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez(Photo: Miguel Aguilar/Bruja,

Another classic on-again/off-again couple who just couldn't decide if they were better off as lovers or just as a baby and his babysitter. They confirmed their romance in 2011 but in November 2012 they were reported to have broken up. Then they got back together and then broke up again earlier this year and then for a few months there I honestly couldn't even keep up. But it seems that they're dunzo now, since Bieber's been spending plenty of time with maybe-prostitutes and Selena has been busy with her one true love Taylor Swift.

3. Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult

Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult(Photo: Gaz Shirley,

These two first met on the set of X-Men: First Class and proceeded to have an adorable relationship offscreen. Then they broke up earlier this year and we feared love had truly died and would never come back to life. Cue the reunion rumors! While Jen and Nick filmed the new X-Men installment, rumors swirled that they were rekindling their romance, and lo and behold it was true, because they got back together this summer. Let us pray that this relationship stays on-again.

4. Katy Perry & John Mayer

John Mayer, Katy Perry(Photo: David Tonnessen,

After Katy Perry and Russell Brand got divorced, the world collectively wondered if she'd ever find another douchebag to fall in love with. And she did! Hollywood playboy John Mayer swept her off her feet in summer of 2012. Then they broke up, then reunited, then broke up again earlier this year. And then after a Memorial Day barbecue and a few public outings they're reunited again. What a saga.

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