Nicki Minaj Explains Why She’s Not Engaged Even Though She Has Two Engagement Rings

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Nicki Minaj Ellen Show 2016

Remember last year when the Internet reported that Nicki Minaj was engaged to Meek Mill? It seemed like a pretty logical assumption to make, considering Nicki posted an Instagram photo of a huge heart-shaped diamond ring on her left ring finger.

But as it turns out, the two are not engaged, even though Meek has since bought Nicki yet another super fancy diamond ring that she wears on her left hand. So what gives? Are they just trolling us? Well, this week Nicki stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and gave a befuddling explanation.

According to Nicki, those aren't really engagement rings. Instead, she says, “I have two rings from this boy that likes me.” Okay, sure, that's one way of putting it. When Ellen flashes a picture of the second ring, she adds, “That's not my engagement ring, though. He said that that's my second ring and that if I get a third ring that that would be the engagement ring.”

So is that how rich people are doing it now? One disgustingly expensive ring just isn't enough? It's one, two, three rings you're engaged? If he gives her the third ring, will she only wear that one, or will she switch between the three? Or maybe she'll just wear all three of them at once? On the same finger or on three different fingers? Will she just put them all on a chain around her neck? I want answers!

Although apparently Nicki doesn't even want to go as far as to admit that she's in a relationship, because she says she doesn't want people making false assumptions about where they stand and how things are going. Which is why she just so happens to have shared Instagram photos of two separate diamond rings. Mmhmm. I see you, Nicki.

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