Miley Cyrus Thanks Liam Hemsworth In Her Album’s Liner Notes, Entire World Cringes

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Miley Cyrus Bangerz album cover

Just when you thought Miley Cyrus couldn't do anything else to make us uncomfortable, she goes and does something super awkward. Like sitting with your frenemy at the middle school lunch table awkward. Like seeing your teacher in the supermarket awkward. Like asking Jennifer Aniston if she's pregnant when she just had a big lunch awkward. Miley's new album Bangerz includes a thank you to Liam Hemsworth in the liner notes. Yes, that Liam Hemsworth. This is even cringier than the fact that Miley didn't name the album Bangerz and Ma$h. What a missed opportunity.

After thanking other important people like her producers and family, Miley wrote the following in reference to Liam:

"I could not have made this album without one person…FE. Thank you for inspiring me (PS. I Love You)."

You're probably wondering when FE started to stand for Liam Hemsworth. Don't worry. You didn't miss the "letters suddenly being other letters" memo. Miley's nickname for Liam is FeFe, which was revealed after she "butt-tweeted" a personal text conversation with someone by that name. So apparently she wasn't talking to Fefe Dobson, as some people suspected. That's a shame. I miss Fefe Dobson.

I'm not sure why Liam's nickname was FeFe. But I guess Miley could cover it up by saying she was just thanking Iron. Iron is very important. I'm sure she had to get plenty of it in her diet to keep her strength up during those while she made the album. It'll be like "Wino Forever" all over again.

The thank you was probably written before the couple broke off their engagementa long time ago last month, although that's not clear. The album is out October 8, though, so there's still time for Miley to go grab all the copies like she's a '90s sitcom character buying all the copies of a magazine where she gave an unflattering quote about her friend. Or sneaking into someone's apartment to delete an embarrassing voicemail message.

(Image: RCA via Billboard)