Miley Cyrus Was Crying About Liam In ‘Wrecking Ball,’ Hammer Licking Still A Mystery

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Miley Cyrus crying Wrecking Ball gif

Just when we thought the Miley Cyrus VMAs controversy was dying down, Miley continued to be the evil genius she is and released her video for “Wrecking Ball” yesterday. The hot topic of discussion concerning the video was Miley's choice to ride a wrecking ball wearing nothing but combat boots. But it's easy to forget that Miley also shows off her cry-face throughout the video. I had initially assumed that a production assistant just dropped a splash of water on her cheek with an eyedropper and she did her best “I'm really sad right now” impression, but if you believe the latest anonymous sources to come out of the woodwork, those tears were realer than McCoy.

According to the sources at Hollywood Life, Miley was crying about her relationship with her “fiance”/person who stands next to her every few months, Liam Hemsworth. Director Terry Richardson even told her to use those emotions.

“Miley brought so much energy to the shoot and her voice is incredible — everyone on the set was standing around watching her in awe. Even though she was happy and in a good mood, it only took like two seconds for her to start crying. When Terry wanted her cry, he told her to think about losing Liam and boom, she went from happy to breaking down. It was very intense and wasn’t an act — the song is obviously very personal for her.”

Weird that Miley had to think about her relationship to get the waterworks going. Based on my experience, I would have just expected it to take approximately three Cheerios commercials and half of an Adele song. Unfortunately in my case, that deal also comes with a lot of hiccups and a face so red you'll think I need to be rushed to the hospital. So I guess I'm not exactly an authority on music video crying.

Based on this source's account, is it safe to say that the song is about Liam? I don't know, I think I'll wait for Hollywood Life‘s hammer-licking interpreters to report back with their findings about what inspired that lovely bit of the video. Still, considering that Miley's VMAs performance was all Liam's fault, it's not really surprising that he was responsible for this situation as well. Too bad it's impossible for me to hear the lyrics over the sound of Miley crying for attention. I might have been able to analyze them.

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