You Heard It Here First: Miley Cyrus Either Did Or Did Not Have Lunch With Nick Jonas

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Miley Cyrus sunglasses white dressIn mysterious news that you're sure to see covered on Dateline later this week, Miley Cyrus allegedly went out out to lunch with Nick Jonas, then denied it via twitter, then (and ladies this is where it gets cooky) deleted that denial tweet. Which leaves us sitting here, like four boxcar children, scratching our heads and trying to figure what is going on. After all, she did just reunite with her fauxance Liam Hemsworth mere days ago.

Could meeting up with her ex-boyfriend cause him to leave the country for four more weeks? Can her heart handle all the twerking that another reunion will involve  These are all unsettling questions that we're trying to work through right now.

For those of you who didn't read back in the mid '00s, you should know that Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas have a history together. A long one. I think they dated for six full days. Or was it six months? Doesn't matter either way, time is nothing but a nuisance when you're young and in love and encouraged to date a fellow virgin by the forty-year-old men who run Disney. Sadly, like all great couples, the two broke up and went their own ways.

But then, in a twist only world-renowned-psychic Miss Cleo saw coming, Nick Jonas sang a song rumored to be about Miley's upcoming nuptials to Liam Hemsworth in October 2012. Everyone, from around the world, wanted to know why he sang this song and what it meant for his future with Miley Cyrus. Governments across the globe literally came to a screeching halt as everyone tried to decipher the meaning behind “Wedding Bells.”

And that brings us to this week. The week of the now legendary lunch date. As the story goes, people spotted the two eating lunch together and tweeted about it. Leading Miley to tweet something along the lines of “lunch with Nick Jonas, puh-lease, I haven't seen him in years.” But then, as you may remember reading about 13 seconds ago, she deleted that tweet. Which leads us to only one conclusion: Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas either ate lunch together or they didn't. There's no other possibility here folks. Sorry. It's a lunch or no lunch world we're living in now.

Now of course, bear in mind, we haven't ruled out a snack. But that's a topic for a whole other day.

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