Forget Everything The Internet Wrote Last Week, Miley And Liam Are Getting Married

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On behalf of the entire Internet Superhighway, I have to apologize for telling you that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth broke up. Because it turns out they didn't and the wedding's still on, and oh jeez, this is just embarrassing  It's not often the Internet gets something wrong. In fact it's only happened once in the entire Internet's history. As you may recall it was 2001 and it involved an AOL Chatroom and we don't talk about it ever for obvious reasons.

According to The Suna publication that our very own commenters rave is “full of lies!” and “offensive to people who can read” and “please stop sourcing them in your articles Crushable!”, the couple's back together after talking about their issues. Basically Liam came back to American after missing missing Miley terribly and told her she's incredibly immature.

To which she responded with:

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To which he responded with:

gale hawthorne hunger games quote


And then they kissed and they hugged and they promised to never take a break ever again. At least until the summer starts. Then maybe they could take another break. Or maybe not. Part of being in love means not having to make a schedule for your breaks. It's about taking your ring off and putting it back on and quitting Twitter and unquitting Twitter and running away to another continent for four week to escape your fiance. It's about every kissing beginning with Kay and every rumor about cheating with January Jones going unanswered. It's about following your heart. Your achy breaky heart.