Michelle Rodriguez And Cara Delevingne May Have Broken Up For A Number Of Reasons, Including Suki Waterhouse

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Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevigne attending Pistons Knicks basketball game January 2014

Cancel that order for the commemorative Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne tea set, because it looks like our favorite ocean-frolicking makeout buddies may have called it quits. There are new reports that Michelle and Cara have gone their separate ways, according to some undoubtedly completely reliable sources. So reliable that it's approximately zero percent clear what caused the split.

Enstarz rounded up a few reports on the alleged split and offered some suggestions for what could have gone wrong. Those suggestions include but are not limited to Suki Waterhouse. Suki strikes again, I see. Wasn't enough for her to snag Bradley Cooper. Now she's gotta break up two ladies? Allegedly. If posing for goofy Instagram photos with her model friend Cara counts as breaking up a couple. Of course, there's also the suggestion that Michelle Rodriguez's decision to wear the same outfit on more than one occasion is to blame. How could Cara be expected to date someone who would dare repeat clothing? The horror!

Or maybe it's a long-distance thing. Apparently Cara's modeling career has caused her to fly around the world Michelleless for jobs. But no, wait! It's not that. It's just that Cara's big sister Poppy disapproves of their relationship. Stop, no, wait, there's something else afoot. Could it possibly be the age difference between them? After all, Cara's 21 and Michelle is 35. That's practically 100 years, if you ignore the fact that it's only 14.

Celeb Dirty Laundry got some nice speculation in:

“Cara’s obviously still very young, and although the age gap between her and Michelle doesn’t play any role now, it might end up being an issue in the future. Not because of their differences in age, but rather their views on relationships and commitment. Being in Hollywood, they’re not going to get to spend all their time together, and jealousy issues may play a part in breaking them apart.”

Okay, so it's not because of the age gap, but it also is? Good to know. The site also points out that Michelle is supposedly really into the relationship, but Cara isn't. I don't know about you, but I've run out of fingers to count all the reasons these two are supposedly done. I can't believe they even lasted the length of one basketball game kiss.

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