Lupita Nyong’o Has Had A Secret Boyfriend This Whole Time, So Take Your Matchmaking Somewhere Else

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Lupita Nyong'o Oscars press room March 2014

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Lupita Nyong'o is Hollywood's newest “it girl,” so obviously it took approximately one-sixteenth of a second for the world to start obsessing over her love life. But it turns out all that imaginary matchmaking and shrine-making and online face mashups were for naught, because according to Us Weekly, she's had a boyfriend since September.

We had fantasies about her and Jared Leto having beautiful babies, then we wondered whether Miley Cyrus had dragged him away from Lupita by his fabulous hair. Lupita wondered that too. Then there were rumors that she was hooking up with her 12 Years a Slave co-star Michael Fassbender, because he took his mom to the Oscars, which is somehow a surefire sign you're dating everyone's new girl crush. And now, just when I had started working on my Tumblr page shipping Lupita and her Oscar statue, I find out she might have been taken this whole time by a rapper named K'Naan, with whom she was recently spotted “cuddling up.”

K'Naan Focus for Change Benefit December 2013

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Apparently Lupita, who was raised in Kenya, and K'Naan, who was born in Somalia, share similar interests:

“She loves his humanitarianism,” says a pal of the “Wavin' Flag” singer, 36. “They'd both passionate about African issues.”

I'm betting they also bond over their apostrophes. Hey guys, over here! I'm an apostrophe-haver too! Can we grab brunch and swap stories about how much computers hate us and how often people look confused when we spell out our names for them? What's that? A rain check? No problem. Call me whenever.

K'Naan has two sons with his ex-wife, but according to Us Weekly‘s source, Lupita hasn't met them yet. I guess you could say this relationship's just as much of a rumor as the other ones, but K'Naan's more obscure than Jared or Michael or Mr. Oscar, so maybe it's the real deal. If it is, I'm impressed with Lupita for maintaining a poker face while we obsessively paired her off with every good-looking Oscar nominee she ever stood next to. Guess who's having the last laugh now. (Hint: it's Lupita.)