Liam Hemsworth ‘Never Formally Proposed’ To Miley Cyrus, She Just Felt Like Wearing Her Ring Again

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There’s another update in the ongoing saga that is Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s supposed reunion. First they spent New Year’s together in Australia, then Miley canceled a performance so she could remain down under, and soon after that she started wearing her old engagement ring in paparazzi photos and Instagram posts. The Internet was quick to declare that the pair is engaged again, even though neither of them has confirmed the news.

Now there’s a report in Us Weekly explaining that Liam “never formally proposed again.” Miley just felt like wearing her ring again, and Liam was like sure, okay.

“Liam noticed,” the pal says of the pair, who called off their nuptials in September 2013. “They are telling friends they’re engaged.”

So… wait a minute. Does “telling friends they’re engaged” mean they really are engaged, or that they’re just telling friends they are as a silly joke because Miley decided her ring would look good with her outfit? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think the whole thing is a desperate bid for attention, but I’m just trying to figure out what this source wants us to think. Are they just being intentionally vague so no one calls them out for lying when the relationship ultimately goes nowhere? (Do anonymous sources get called out, or do they just sit at home basking in the mass hysteria their comments hath wrought?)

As little as I believe this is a real engagement, I am endlessly entertained by the idea of Miley just one day deciding to pop on her engagement ring and take some selfies, followed by Liam scrolling through Instagram and being like, “Oh hey, you’re wearing… Yeah. Well, okay. That’s cool, I guess. Wanna tell people we’re engaged again? Oh, that was your plan all along? Cool, cool. Good talk. Got to go put some shrimp on the barbie.”

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