Liam Hemsworth Can’t Stop Not Having Sex With January Jones

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Liam Hemsworth Leaving Gym August 2013

The more clothes Miley Cyrus takes off in public, the more we hear rumors about Liam Hemsworth cheating on her with January Jones. That's just a conclusion I came to after doing a complex mathematical equation that a non-celebrity-stalker like yourself would never understand. Knowing that, we shouldn't be at all shocked to hear that the "Liam and January are allegedly sitting in a tree, s-e-x-t-i-n-g" rumors are making the rounds again. I mean, did you see the "Wrecking Ball" music video that debuted earlier this week!? It almost destroyed The Rumor Mill with the visual of a naked Miley Cyrus swinging around all melancholy on a wrecking ball. After all, old Hollywood lore says that The Rumor Mill powers itself through sunlight, illicit celebrity sexting and construction metaphors in music videos.

However Liam's not in the mood to play games this time around and he actually issued a statement through his rep denying that he's involved with January Jones.

“We officially never comment on his personal life, however we are breaking with tradition to set the record straight. The story of Liam Hemsworth and January Jones is entirely fabricated. There is no truth whatsoever to this tabloid fiction,” his rep told

Shockingly his rep did not go on to also say, "the story of Liam Hemsworth still being engaged to Miley Cyrus is also entirely fabricated. C'mon guys, they haven't been seen together in months. Grow up and face the facts." But I suppose that his press team thinks we can only deal with one non-relationship at a time. Until then, remember this, Liam Hemsworth is not (but maybe) involved in any kind of relationship with January Jones.

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