Leonardo DiCaprio’s Breakup with Bar Refaeli Means He Is Finally Free to Be With Kate Winslet

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Um, hey, you guys! I know I think fanfic is weird and that we shouldn't expend our energy on hoping people we've never met hook up and get married and have babies with each other, but don't you think Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are destined to be together? Like, if they were on a TV show, they would be the OTP and I would be ‘shipping them. And now that Leonardo has broken up with Bar Refaeli like for real this time, he can finally realize that all his relationships with gorgeous supermodels are empty and meaningless because he has been denying to himself that he just wants to be with Kate, his beautiful English rose, and help her raise her two kids in this way that's like the exact opposite of Revolutionary Road.

Um, right. So like I was saying. Both Kate and Leo are single right now and Kate said in Glamour that he's her best friend so I'm sure they could really lean on each other for support.