Quiz: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend Or Adam Levine’s Girlfriend?

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Leonardo DiCaprio Adam Levine

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Well looky here, professional model-wooer Leonardo DiCaprio has a new girlfriend. And this time it comes straight from the horse's mouth. That horse of course (is a horse of course of course) being a model named Kat Torres, who told the press that she and Leo are dating but that they have a pact not to talk about their relationship… a pact which she broke by talking about that pact. There are of course rumblings that this is bogus, but it's still an excuse to play a game I like to call “Leonardo DiCaprio's Girlfriend or Adam Levine's Girlfriend?”

Leo and Adam have a very similar type. That type being models. Also non-models who have dabbled in looking stunning for the camera, but that happens less often. Adam loves models so much he put a ring on one, but I'm not going to remind you of her name because she's in this quiz and cheating is a no-no. The way the quiz works is that you'll see a pair of lovely ladies and you have to guess which one of the two dated Leo and which dated Adam. Then click over to the next page to see if you're right. If you get them all correct, you get a million Internet brownie points, which unfortunately cannot be redeemed for real brownies. The quiz starts easy but gets harder as you go along. Let's get started with our first pairing.

1. Maria Sharapova and Blake Lively

Maria Sharapova Blake Lively(Photo: Ivan Nikolov, WENN / Alberto Reyes, WENN)

Take a guess and click to the next page to see if you're right.

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