Leighton Meester And Adam Brody Go Public, Force Me To Start Work On My Blair/Seth Fanfic

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Leighton Meester And Adam Brody Go Public  Force Me To Start Work On My Blair Seth Fanfic Leighton Meester and Adam Brody June 2013 jpg

It’s an age-old Hollywood rule that until a celebrity couple is photographed side-by-side at an invitation-only event, they’re not really dating. Sure we can see them do the drive of shame from each other’s houses and even hear story after story from more anonymous sources than it took to convince us that Kim Kardashian likes her baby. But until I see them at an exclusive celebrity event walking closer than two feet apart, I still cast doubt on their lovey-dovey-ness. I need photographic evidence, preferably with one member of the couple holding up the event’s invitation with the correct date on it. Leighton Meester and Adam Brody couldn’t give me that much, but they did give me their first public event as a couple, which is still pretty exciting.

The couple attended the premiere of Adam’s movie Some Girl(s) this week as a vision in blue and brunette, and while we’ve been pretty sure they’re a couple for a few months now, they’ve never made it verbally clear. But those hands of theirs are doing all the talking by making contact and stuff. Their hands just can’t keep their hands off each other, if you will. (You will.)

Leighton Meester And Adam Brody Go Public  Force Me To Start Work On My Blair Seth Fanfic Adam Brody Leighton Meester holding hands June 2013 jpg

These two leave me no choice but to get to working on my Gossip Girl/The O.C. crossover episode spec script. I’ve had it planned in my head for some time now, but I finally have the pictures to go along with it. I’m usually quite private about my creative work, but I suppose could let you in on the plot. Eleanor Waldorf assigns her daughter Blair to handle her fashion line on the West Coast, and that’s how she ends up in Newport Beach one whirlwind summer. While catching some rays one day with her temporary Serena van der Woodsen replacement Marissa Cooper, the one and only Seth Cohen docks his sailboat and sashays over to invite them to his house for video games. Initially Blair is all, “Ugh, no thanks” but then later she’s all, “Um, yes please.” And at some point Kirsten Cohen laments the fact that there are always at least half a dozen teenagers in her house at any given time. I haven’t worked out everything that happens in between. Give me time! And don’t you tell me that Bleth makes no sense but Dair does. Don’t you dair tell me that.

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