Kris Jenner Might Get Divorced For Ratings, How Many Ways Can I Say ‘Duh’?

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Bruce Jenner Kris Jenner April 2011

The Kardashians and their spin-off the Jenners are a rare breed of celebrity. And I'm not just referring to the fact that they're famous for a little-heard-of talent called “nothing.” I'm also referring to the fact that I can hear pretty much any rumor about them and go, “Yep. That sounds about right.” You'd be hard up to find a rumor about them that I wouldn't go along with. Scott Disick sleeps on a pillow with his own face on it? Sure. Kim Kardashian has a smiley face drawn on her pregnant belly at all times? Yawn. Whereas I read other celebrity rumors with a certain amount of skepticism and “that can't be true” face, when I see something about the Kardashians I'm just like, “Sounds about right. What's for lunch?” So when I read that Kris Jenner might get a divorce from husband Bruce Jenner in order to boost ratings for her upcoming talk show, I was like, “Uh huh. I think I'll have a sandwich.”

Of course, this claim comes from an anonymous source, and we all know how reliable those are. But Keeping Up With the Kardashians itself (Herself? Has it developed a gender at this point?) has suggested there's trouble in paradise by showing Bruce spending time away from Kris in his own separate house. In Touch reports that he's moved out for good because “they never have sex and she's nasty to him.” Hmm, should I have a salad instead?

The source also claims that Kris might go through with a divorce to get ratings for her new show Kris. We've already heard the unsurprising news that KUWTK is scripted from tabloid stories, so who's to say Kris wouldn't get a divorce for ratings? They are her main form of sustenance, followed by sex tapes and ginormous earrings.

“I wouldn’t put it past her to beat Bruce to the punch and separate from him before the show and try to play up her personal drama on-air just to get viewers,” the friend says.

Of course, the Kardashians' rep has denied these rumors to RadarOnline. You know what, I think I'm gonna have a burrito.

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