Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Got Engaged! Could A Kid Be Next For Them?

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Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are finally engaged! While you probably spent 0% of your energy worrying about when this would happen, I spent 100% of mine stressing about it. How could I sleep soundly knowing that Kim Kardashian wasn't officially Mrs. God yet? That she was walking around with baby Jesus Jr., but no ring from Mr. Jesus?

While we don't know all the details yet about how the birthday proposal went down, E! tells us that it was a small, quiet proposal that matched both their personalities. And by small and quiet, I mean that Kanye rented out a San Francisco stadium and popped the question in front of their friends and family. (Yes, before you even ask, Kris Jenner does consider herself to be a family and friend.) Even though E! didn't say anymore, I can assume that they maybe, probably, most definitely had a few cameras laying around at the stadium. After all, when a network owns your souls, they also own your moments. If we're lucky, they'll will air a two-hour special on the private family moment later this week. Hopefully, fingers crossed ladies, it will be followed by a televised wedding!

We'll keep you updated ALL DAY LONG as more details emerge about this life changing news. Including but not limited to confirmation on whether the rumor about Kanye West being his own best man is true.

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