Kim Kardashian Talks About Obeying Accepting Her Husband’s Fashion Demands Advice

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Kim Kardashian Talks About Obeying Accepting Her Husband s Fashion Demands Advice Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Bound 2 GIF gif


You know that thing where your boyfriend and his stylist throw out all your favorite clothes and replace them with things he wants you to wear, and even though losing the things you love makes you cry, you do what he says and thank him for it because he knows best? Most likely no, because this is 2015 and odds are you’re not a Stepford wife. Or Kim Kardashian. Meh, same difference.

Yesterday Kim visited Live With Kelly and Michael and discussed the time her husband (then boyfriend) Kanye West gave her a complete wardrobe makeover, cleaning out her closet and giving her all-new clothes that he wanted her to wear. Because equality and stuff, you know? Kim says that when she saw all the shoes Kanye thought weren’t “cool enough” in a pile to throw out, she started crying. Ugh, I love it when I’m brought to tears over my boyfriend’s attempts to change me. It just warms my heart.

Then Kim says she saw the new clothes Kanye had bought her, by designers she hadn’t even heard of, and “it really helped me fall in love with fashion.” In a clip from the Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode where this happened, Kim says that Kanye is helping her to be an “individual.” Hmm. Hmm. HMMMMMMM. You might want to rephrase that, Kim. I’m not sure you know what that word means.

Kim says Kanye still picks out what he thinks she should wear. For example, before this very interview, she had on a totally different outfit, but she changed at the last minute because Kanye told her to be “a little bit more simple today.” But she still kept her ponytail even though he said he liked her hair down, because #feminism and stuff. Wow, what a couple.