Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Are Separated, Please Remind Me To Shed A Single Tear Later

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After months and months of rumors about their marriage falling apart, TMZ is reporting that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are currently separated. As in still married, but not really all that into it anymore. Sure there are no current plans to get divorced, but that's only because Kris Jenner's too busy calculating all the revenue from magazine covers that this scandal will get them to call a lawyer.

Picture it now. Khloe, staring off into the distance on the cover of Life & Style, a quote like "it's hard, but with the support of the Kardashian Family™ I will get through it" scrawled across the cover, an article with little to no substance inside. As Penny Lane so famously says in Almost Famous"it's all happening."

But why is it all happening now? Despite rumors that surfaced earlier this year that Lamar cheated on Khloe, TMZ now claims that Lamar Odom's crack cocaine addiction's the real problem. And that's a pretty big claim for TMZ to make. While I don't want to make a light of what might be an incredibly serious drug problem, I also don't want to forget what family we're working with here.

Just read this quote from TMZ about Khloe hiding the truth from her family to get a glimpse of their PR machine hard at work:

When stories started to surface about Lamar sleeping with other women … and the family started asking questions … Khloe felt she needed to reveal the real issue. As one source put it, "Khloe was a real trooper. She's been living a nightmare."

Is it possible that Lamar Odom's alleged crack cocaine problem is real? Yes. But is it also possible that Kris Jenner worked with Khloe to turn to the story in her favor so that she came out of the whole marriage looking good? Also, yes. Keep in mind, this isn't Kris' first time on the merry-go-round. And after royally effing up Kim's last divorce, she's not going to make the same PR mistakes again. Someone leaked the news about this alleged intervention to TMZ and it sure as hell wasn't Lamar Odom.

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