Katy Perry And John Mayer Spends Thousands At Strip Club, Continue To Set The Bar Lower For Romance

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Looks like Valentine's Day came early for Katy Perry and John Mayer. The lovebirds threw a post Super Bowl party for themselves at The Spearmint Rhino. Which is a strip club chain and not the result of a drunken game of Mad Libs. While there are many romantic ways to celebrate after watching a football game, relationship experts all agree that going to a strip club chain ranks as the best possible option. Followed very closely by going to TGI Fridays and sharing a bunch of fried apps and a few flirty drinks. FYI: having sex with each other in your bed comes in at #131.

According to our good friends over at TMZ, the couple dropped thousands on the strippers. And, get this, even indulged in a few private dances. Which I know is a visual you personally wanted in your head. Almost as much as you wanted this one of Katy Perry and John Mayer singing a duet together. Or this one of Katy Perry stroking John Mayer's giant ego brain.

As much as I'm loving that they're keeping the spark alive in their relationship by spending quality time with strippers, I'm worried that they're setting the bar too high for their relationship. They've only been on-and-off dating for a few years now. If they're going to do The Spearmint Rhino this early in their relationship, it doesn't leave much for the later years. Why, I don't even think that long-time couples like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have visited The Spearmint Rhino yet. (And yes, before you even start to question my motivations here, I am playing a drinking game with myself where I take a shot every time I type The Spearmint Rhino.)

Then again Katy Perry and John Mayer are due to break up again any day now, so perhaps it's for the best that they squeezed in a strip club before calling it quits. May every couple have the opportunity to make those kind of magical memories together.

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