Katy Perry And John Mayer Dabble In The New Trend Of Being Spotted Together Post-Breakup

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Katy Perry John Mayer December 2012

Do celebrity couples sign some kind of “Spotted Together In Public” agreement when they embark on their relationships that legally obligates them to be seen together post-breakup at least once? If that's the case, Katy Perry and John Mayer are a couple of overachievers, because after a speculation-provoking Memorial Day spotting, they were just seen together again, this time on what Radar Online calls a “romantic date.” Which in tabloid speak could mean anything from holding hands outside a restaurant to both of them eating pizza in different cities ON THE SAME DAY. There's nothing gossip sites enjoy more than practicing the word “spotted” in their best Kristen Bell Gossip Girl voice. In this case, there are photos of them during the incident, but they're unfortunately not in them together (the one above is old, don't freak out), so I guess it could just be one of those “Whoa, awkward, you're here too?” situations, like when you're at the grocery store and you see your fifth grade teacher and you're like, “Great, now everyone will think we still hang out.” No? That doesn't happen? Whatever.

Katy Perry did recently say she was still “madly in love” with John, but she also acknowledged he was a “broken bird.” And John seems to have moved on to writing songs about Taylor Swift and her papery clothes (I didn't listen to the song very closely). So what gives, you two? Are you just eager to participate in the latest trend of maybe touching, maybe breathing the same air in public, as we've seen recently with both Miley and Liam and Rob and Kristen? There are other ways to be trendy, you know, and you can even copy those very celebrities I just mentioned. I've heard pajama-jeans are back in style in a new way thanks to Miley. Or maybe you can try out the invisible tattoo trend like K-Stew. Both very fashionable, very “now” trends. I've also heard cronuts are really big. Maybe you two just need to eat a cronut. Scratch that, eat separate cronuts in separate places at separate times. Don't you try to take my advice and twist it into a another sighting, you two.