Kat Dennings Is Challenging Jennifer Lawrence For ‘Weirdest New Relationship’

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Kat Dennings woot woot GIF 2 Broke GirlsOnce Jennifer Lawrence started dating Chris Martin, I thought she pretty much had the ‘WTF relationship‘ game tied up for this year. Because honestly, how do you get weirder than that? But now we have a late entrant in the form of Kat Dennings, who's apparently dating Josh Groban. Whaaaaaat?

I'll admit that I'm not the world's foremost Kat Dennings scholar, but with my limited knowledge of her, Josh Groban is not a dude I'd predict her being into. If I had to guess, I'd assume she'd end up with someone indie-er or dark and brooding, not the long-haired, full-throated, kind of dopey-looking singer of ‘You Raise Me Up'. (Which incidentally was my high school graduation song, not to make this about me or anything EVEN THOUGH IT IS.)

But anyway, even with all my doubts and reservations about this pairing, there they were together in one of Kat's Instagram photos, lovingly clutching each other on the red carpet for the Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills this past Saturday. Just look at 'em canoodling.


I ship it.

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You like that caption? It's an adorable sentiment that Josh followed up with his own cutesy little foray into social media, tweeting:

So it's apparently real! Everyone knows the cardinal rule of social media, right? That if a couple uses at least two forms of it, THEY'RE REAL. Now you know.

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