Kimye Only Had Sex Four Times According To A Wildly Fun Rumor That’s Making The Rounds

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West March 2013

While it's hard to pick out my favorite wild allegation of the day, I would have to say that the one about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's sex life is probably my favorite. While you can click here to read it verbatim, it basically says that they only had sexual intercourse four times and each of the four times was with the intention of making a baby. Which they ended up doing, so mail all the trophies to them. They deserve it!

According to, this is a true fact that we can believe. However they're a .net, which falls right in between Michael Lohan and the ghost of Kim Jong Il on the trustworthy ladder. Also, for those of you who don't spend perfectly healthy amounts of time cruising blind times, you should know that the guy who runs this site is a literal mystery. No one knows where he gets his information from. Some say Dakota Fanning, some say the Pope and others just say that he makes it up. So please go into this story knowing that it might not be true. Especially since it's a “solved” blind item with no sources to back it up. Not even one sex tape where you can overhear Kanye saying “are your eyes closed, they better be closed this time Kim. I can't implant Yeezus Junior in there if you're enjoying this at all….dammit Kim, your eyes were open, now it's going to be a girl!”

However it might be true because, um, Kimye. I mean, have you met them? Or have you at least met Kim? She needed this baby for her brand. Not only were summer 2013 babies all the rage (see the one billion new celebrity babies born in the past three months), but they also proved to be the publicity stunt that keeps on giving. First there are pregnancy bump photos, then about to pop photos, then first appearance post-popping photos, then baby's first photos…I mean, the list goes on and on. Kim can never endorse a never shape-shifting shoe for the rest of her life and still be in the spotlight. What more could a woman (and her momager) want in life?

As for Kanye, his motivations for making a baby? I don't know guys, but I have a feeling that it's for the same reason that Voldemort made horcruxes — immortality.

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