Kaley Cuoco Got Married On Ellen, But It Was About As Real As Her Last Relationship

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Kaley Cuoco wedding Ellen Show 2013

As we reported last week, Kaley Cuoco really wants to get married. Like, yesterday. Well, actually in her words, “tomorrow.” Or more realistically, early next year. But that all changed when Kaley went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As you know, Ellen looooves getting people to do wild and crazy and/or embarrassing things on her show, so naturally since Kaley's fiancé Ryan Sweeting was there backstage and since her head writer Kevin is ordained to marry people, she offered to throw an impromptu wedding right there. And by impromptu I mean quick enough to fit into a five-minute YouTube video.

It's not entirely clear from the video whether or not the ceremony is real, and with Ellen you never really know. It would be the ultimate use of her interview powers to get a celebrity to actually marry her boyfriend on television. Of course, it would be even more impressive if Ellen got her to marry a stranger. Maybe one of those audience members who can't sing. But alas, based on Ryan's Twitter, it's not the real deal.

So it was all for show. Kind of reminds me of another thing Kaley did recently that was all for show. What was that again? Oh right, her fake relationship with Henry Cavill. You might have forgotten that Cuocovill was ever a thing because Kaley and most of the entertainment outlets don't really feel like mentioning it, but we at Crushable aren't ready to forget just yet. Kaley pretty much confirmed that her little grocery shopping romance with the Man of Steel was invented for PR when her engagement was announced and her three-month relationship with Ryan overlapped with her fling with Henry. So it makes sense that she'd go through with this fake wedding. She's used to fake stuff.

But I'm still kind of hoping Ellen calls her up later and goes, “Umm, there was a little mix-up and you actually married me. So now I'm a polygamist. How do you feel about a reality show? Portia's in.”