Kaley Cuoco Married Ryan Sweeting Last Night, Ensuring She Had Someone To Kiss At Midnight

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While you spent last night watching the clock tick down to midnight and eyeing your prospective New Year's Eve kisses with more and more urgency, Kaley Cuoco married Ryan Sweeting. Again. Or maybe for the first time. Still waiting to hear back from our legal team on whether their impromptu wedding on The Ellen Show was for real. Or just for viral. Personally I plan to get married just for viral. Hence why I'm already working on a wedding aisle dance that's set to a mash-up of “What Does The Fox Say” and “Bootylicious.”

While we're still waiting for more details on the actual ceremony, we can confirm right here and right now that the bride wore a pink wedding dress. Yes, your hungover little eyes read that right. The bride wore pink! Even though we've given this relationship a side eye for the past few months, we'll put aside our shade today and congratulate her on getting married. May the Sweetings be very, very happy together!