Kaley Cuoco Photographed Getting A Mani-Pedi With Her New Man, Killing Three Birds With One Stone

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Kaley Cuoco Ryan Sweeting nail salon August 2013

Kaley Cuoco really likes dating, you guys. Remember when she was “dating” Henry Cavill last month? I'm sure you do. I'm not so sure Henry Cavill does. For him it might have just been the equivalent of a gentle breeze dancing across his chiseled pecs. “What was that?” he asks himself. “Why are my palms sweaty? Was I holding hands with someone? Where did these groceries come from?” Cuocovill was over before we could even decide if that was a good couples nickname, and I suspect that might have been because Henry wasn't so into the mani-pedis. Thankfully Kaley found a new man that fulfills that need for her, and his name is Ryan Sweeting. He's a tennis player with a tattoo of a baby on his shoulder who also checks off all the boxes on Kaley's latest list of priorities. He's a man, he's willing to be photographed with her, and he lets her get her errands done while they're courting.

Ryan Sweeting nail salon August 2013

Kaley and Ryan were spotted lunching together over the weekend, and then they spent their yesterday like we all spend the first Tuesday afternoons in our relationships — getting manicures and pedicures together. I gotta hand it to Kaley, she gets things done. She's not content going on just any ole date. Kaley's ushering in a new trend of romantic multi-tasking. It's a very demanding job trying to be famous. Not only do you have to star in one of the highest-rated sitcoms on television, as well as in two major commercials, but you also have to get your name next to the word “dating” in a sentence as often as possible. How do you have time to do everyday things like stocking up on toilet paper and making sure your nails look cute? You invite that new person you've been standing next to recently to tag along. I'm sure there's a whole chapter on this new phenomenon in Publicity 101. It would be ideal if she could also film her show while she does this, but she already dated her co-star and managed to be private about it, back in that period of her life where she didn't really care if she was famous. Simpler times.

A source told E! News that Kaley and Ryan are still in the “getting to know each other phase,” but Kaley “absolutely likes him.” Like her, my favorite thing to do with a guy I'm just getting to know is to let him watch me get my feet buffed.

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