Here’s What We Know So Far About Josh Hutcherson’s Girlfriend: She Isn’t Jennifer Lawrence

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Here s What We Know So Far About Josh Hutcherson s Girlfriend  She Isn t Jennifer Lawrence Josh Hutcherson Los Angeles February 20 2012 jpgWell the word around town is that Josh Hutcherson’s got himself a new girlfriend. While I at first just assumed that it was a fan fiction typo from overexcited fans who couldn’t remember how to spell Jennifer Lawrence, it does appear that her name is Claudia Traisac and she’s a real person. While some shippers might get upset by this news, I think it’s important to remember that Josh Hutcherson deserves a real girlfriend. Even if we (naturally) pictured him spending the rest of his life baking bread for an emotionally damaged archer.

So what do we know about this “Claudia” girl? Not much folks. Not much at all. They apparently met on the set of Paradise Lost — where it sounds like, excuse my dad joke, paradise was found. In the movie Josh plays Nick and Claudia plays Maria. If this means anything to you, congrats, you’re probably very good at local bar trivia nights. According to my high school friend IMDB.comParadise Lost is one of her first English films. Hmm, what else do we know about Clauds? Well she dresses like Josh. In their now infamous kissing photos from yesterday, they can both be seen wearing grey shirts and unbuttoned flannel shirts. I think this means they both like Autumn, but I’m no seasonologist so don’t quote me on that if you’re a quoteologist. Finally we know that she has two arms, two legs and two eyes. I’m not going to say that’s an exclusive fact, but I’m also not going to say that I’ve seen any other publications pointing that out today.

Now this isn’t the first time Josh has dated a co-star. Remember when he dated his Journey 2: The Mysterious Island co-star Vanessa Hudgens? Yes? Cool, let’s forget that. It’s considered tacky to ever get involved with someone on the set of a sequel. I’m just pointing it out to say that this is Josh’s thing. So it wouldn’t be shocking if he started dating Jennifer Lawrence at some point. Or the guy who played Peacekeeper #3. Or Prim’s cat. Really, nothing would shock me. I work for the Internet. Every day is a WTF day.

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