Just John Krasinski And Emily Blunt Being Hollywood’s Cutest Couple In Their Ice Bucket Videos

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John Krasinski Emily Blunt waving

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge has pretty much taken over Hollywood at this point. If there's a celeb you've ever wanted to see soaking wet, you've either gotten your wish or will get your wish in due time. You can even see adorable couples versions! In Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's case it was “adorable,” but I don't think we need the quotation marks for John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, whose videos were set up like pranks. In the non-annoying way. So basically in the way Jimmy Kimmel isn't aware of.

First, in John's video, he tries to get away with just using a coffee mug of water, because he supposedly doesn't have access to a proper bucket on location. Nice try, dude. He's not getting away with that, so somebody who may or may not be Emily (I CAN'T SEE HER FACE AND IT'S STRESSING ME OUT) casually walks up and douses him. Obviously, being John Krasinski, he responds by mugging for the camera and talking to a mini windmill like it's a person. You'll understand when you watch.

I'm hoping it was Emily who poured that water, but then again, if it was, that would kind of ruin the whole point of her own ice bucket video, in which John “surprises” her while she carries grocery bags out of the car. She says she doesn't know what the ice bucket challenge is, but something tells me she's pretending. The funny, obvious way of pretending, not the “you push me into the pool and we force smiles” way.

These two need to stop being so cute before they cause every couple in America to break up upon realizing they can't compete. I don't even think Ellen and Portia can beat them. Even with the skywriting. I know. This is serious business.

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