J.Law And Nicholas Hoult Do Nothing Headline-Worthy, Resulting In Headlines About Their Lack Of Headline-Worthiness

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Jennifer Lawrence Met Ball May 2013Just when I thought that nothing could get more curious than the case of Benjamin Button, ex-lovers Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult managed to be in the same room at the same time without causing any unnecessary drama. Hence headlines like this one in The Daily Mail complaining about their utter lack of headline-worthy behavior. As someone who literally feeds off of celebrity drama, scandal, gossip and nip slips, I'm incredibly frustrated by the fact that they continue to behave like mature adults. Sure I expect that kind of adult behavior from Maggie Smith, Queen Elizabeth and Dakota Fanning — but not from two huge franchise stars who seem to both sublet space in the limelight.

For those of you not tracking their relationship like a mentally unbalanced person  here's what you need to know. Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult used to date. But then they got separated by things like time and distance and fame and they broke up amicably. So amicably that they got spotted eating dinner together last week…at the same table. Maybe they even shared an appetizer, possibly even an entree  I don't know. And now we're hearing word that they both attended the 2013 Met Gala last night, and managed to get through the entire evening without murdering each other or playing a coat closet version of the popular game, Just the Tips.

While I hate to throw the word miracle around, this situation 100% merits it's use. I mean, maybe I'm getting too much of my twenty-something relationship knowledge from Girls GIFs I see on blogs, but this whole maturity thing's really throwing me for a loop. Two loops if I'm being completely honest with you. If they show up at another event like this and don't do something crazy — like pull each other's weaves or start a naked conga line — then I don't know, I'm probably changing careers. WebMD keeps asking me if I'm interested in being their new symptom checker model and that seems like a pretty sweet gig right about now.

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