Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Martin Remind Us That They Were Dating By Breaking Up

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Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Martin Remind Us That They Were Dating By Breaking Up Jennifer Chris jpg

Remember how Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin were a thing that was happening? I had almost forgotten, and apparently they did too, because according to Us Weekly, “Jen has been working nonstop and they never saw each other.” Therefore, they’ve gone the way of the Gaffleck and called it quits… again.

You might remember last year when they reportedly broke up the first time, dashing our hopes of ever seeing a picture of them where they weren’t standing several feet apart. Then over New Year’s we got exactly that (see above), leading people to believe they had gotten back together. That certainly seemed to be the case according to reports that they did things like attend Harry Styles’ birthday party together and hang out on Easter Sunday.

But somewhere along the way they drifted to the back of my celebrity relationship file cabinet, much like Jennifer Lawrence drifted to the back of my remembering people exist cabinet. Now, thanks to her hot bodyguard and this break-up news, I’ve been properly reminded of her presence on this earth. The rumors that she and ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult are reconnecting should solidify that.

According to Us, they’re “on great terms” and “their families have stayed close.” They even posed for a selfie together on the set of X-Men: Apocalypse in May, and since they’re not trying to kill each other in the picture, it only makes sense that they’re in love again. Chris, meanwhile, was spotted hanging out with Kylie Minogue at 1 in the morning, although Kylie denied that anything romantic was going on.

I can’t say I was too invested in Jennifer and Chris (read: I was not invested in them at all), but I must say I’m very sad to see the greatest couple name in history go to waste. Martin Lawrence, we knew thee well. Er, actually we didn’t know thee well, since we almost never saw thee, but RIP regardless.

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