Justin Theroux, Husband Of The Year, Taught Jennifer Aniston What Pasta Is

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At 47 years old, Jennifer Aniston has finally discovered the wonders of pasta, and, as she explains in a recent interview with Elle, it’s all thanks to her husband Justin Theroux. Yes, that’s right, the same woman who once survived a near-death experience with a Big Mac is now a fan of pasta.

While Jennifer says that lunch and dinner for her usually consist of “some form of vegetables or salad with protein—pretty basic,” and that her favorite snacks are apples and nuts, she’s also known to eat pasta sometimes. It has apparently replaced Mexican cuisine as her so-called “go-to-town food.”

And apparently it’s all her husband Justin Theroux’s doing. That evil, evil man. I mean, what the hell is he trying to fatten her up for, am I right?

“Yes, he has brought the pasta back into my life,” she says. “I don’t know whether I should thank him or hate him for that.”

Justin apparently makes an “irresistible” pasta carbonara, and don’t let that carb in the name fool you, it actually won’t kill you as soon as you swallow it, as Jennifer explains.

“I’ve learned how to make it,” she continues, “and it’s not that bad for you! It’s just an egg, parmesan cheese, and a little pasta water. And we substitute turkey bacon for real bacon, so, you know.”

So, you know, she won’t be tempted to eat other delicious foods. Because as we all know, bacon is a gateway food. You introduce your tongue to one tiny bacon bit and suddenly you’re finishing entire ice cream sandwiches and neglecting exercise even when you’re not preparing for an Oscar bait movie role.

After Jen ate her first bowl of the stuff (or rather, let’s face it, three noodles in the center of a huge plate), I imagine she went around texting all her famous friends like, “Guys, did you know there’s this thing called pasta? It’s actually really good, and I didn’t go up three dress sizes after eating it. Amazing!”

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