16 Reasons Your Significant Other is Jealous All The Time

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jealous all the time


Even though jealousy in relationships is completely normal from time to time, if it becomes an everyday occurrence, you need to do something about it. Many of you probably grew up thinking that having a partner who’s jealous all the time was normal. Hell, you probably even though it meant they “loved” you. Smdh.

You’re not alone if you thought this. Now that you’re older, you should know that excessive jealousy is extremely toxic and harmful to your relationship. Nobody should have to go through life walking on eggshells around their significant other simply because they have an irrational fear of you cheating on them.

And that’s not the only reason your partner might be jealous. In fact, jealousy issues can run very deep and they can be no fault of your own. Most of the time, they’re not your fault at all. If you have an S.O. who’s always on your ass about the people you’re hanging out with, these reasons they’re jealous all the time might help shed some light on the real issues at play.