Will Smith Wants Jaden To Break Up With Kylie Jenner Because Helloooo, Kardashians!

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Jaden Smith Kylie Jenner London March 2013

In devastating news for the 2-3 people who really believed Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner would be 2gether 4ever, it looks like a break-up is imminent for these two. Apparently Will and Jada don't approve of the pairing, and it's all because of those pesky people Kylie hangs out with. Like the Kardashians. And Lil Twist. You know, the same reason your parents told you to break up with your high school boyfriend or girlfriend.

According to the new issue of Star magazine (the same magazine that declared Jennifer Aniston was a nudist, I should remind you), Will doesn't want Jaden associated with the types of people who feed on ratings and fake baby pictures for sustenance. Because Will wants his son to be taken seriously as an actor. Which is exactly why he made out with him on camera. He was passing on his staggering talent through Jaden's mouth. But you know what else is not so good for serious actors? Rappers whose names make you crave those Taco Bell cinnamon snacks. Namely Lil Twist, with whom Kylie has been spotted several times. Twist is a bad seed who hangs out with Justin Bieber, and that's a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon connection that pretty much guarantees you shouldn't let your kid hang out with somebody.

Apparently Will is trying to let Jaden come to this break-up conclusion on his own but wants to put the idea into his head. Like Inception, except without spinning tops or Ellen Page. Well, I guess it could involve Ellen Page. I don't know her life. But here's the thing, guys. I'm not entirely convinced that Will even knows about Kylie. Doesn't he just send Jaden out every morning with a sandwich and a pile of money and say he'll see him in the morning or whenever he feels like it? And Jaden scurries over to London to play with his friends? You can't trick me, Star magazine. I know Will Smith takes a a hand-always-off-except-when-you're-kissing-your-son-for-attention approach to parenting. Nice try.

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